Cherry blossom

A warm Welcome to the first POP UP photoshoot of the year!

Cherry Blossoms in bloom are one of the most beautiful and photographed signs that Spring has finally arrived.
The annual pink phenomenon doesn’t stay around for long though. Once the cherry blossom trees begin to flower, their delicate blooms only last for a week or two before the petals fall to the ground.
But most likely the peak only lasts for a few days.

Here is how it works!

You sign in for the photo session but since we don't know the exact dates yet I will notify you as the blooming is getting closer and we choose the date and a time to photograph this amazingly beautiful blossom with you and your furry friend/friends.

The photo sessions are 30 min and includes 3 digital photos in both high resolution and low resolution. Price is 85€ and of course with possibility to buy extra photos for 15€ each

See you under the blossom!